Best Used Print File Formats















In the graphic designing world, although designing matters a lot but printing a file in the right format is also an important step to create a good customer-service relationship. When a file or design needs to be printed in a precise manner, CMYK or RGB colors should be used by the designer. A good designer uses following file formats for printing;

.PDF (Portable Document Format):

This file format has been formulated by Adobe to imply compact broadcasting and autonomous documentation. PDF viewer switch, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat programs are used to read PDF files. PDF enables a file to be clearly viewed by the printer, and it helps in getting the file printed as it was formatted. There are many publishing software which is used for file formatting, but PDF is regarded the preferred one among them.

.EPS (Encapsulated post scripts)

Imagesetters and postscript printers use this vector format program. High-resolution instances, graphics, and illustrations can be printed by using this file. Coreldraw and Adobe artist can produce and edit an EPS file for exemplification programs. This print file format can resize the shapes, designs and graphics thus used for efficient printing of vector images without the fear of losing image quality. You can get an ideal print of a file with this vector format based file.

.TIFF (Tagged image file format)

This file format is perfect for dealing with bitmapped and raster images. Resizing, recoloring and compression of images in many formats are the basic features of this program. This file format is used by professional photographers to maintain quality, integrity, and image lucidity. It opts for better and, high resolution visualizes.

.JPG (Joint photographic expert group)

Images which would be for a business profile, email, and business website; which are very small can be printed by using this file format. During compression and saving process quality of the image might be lost. So the size of photos must be small and don’t need to be resized. The quality can’t be retrieved if once lost. Only Small graphics, designs and pictures can be printed in high quality.

.GIF (Graphic Interchange Format)

You can print a graphic file in more than 250 colors using this program. It provides you high quality and clear print without any loss during compression or resizing. This kind of print file format is preferred to print logos, company names and images with bright and bold colors.

.PNG (Portable network graphics)

This file format contains all the characteristics of.GIF as it was created as a substitute of .GIF. It also provides good quality image prints and also images with crystal clear background. So you can overlap pictures using this file format.


This file format enables accumulation of multiple files in one by compressing and reducing their size. It also helps in leisurely transfer of multiple files and it must be unzipped by the receiving party to incur the files inside. All these file formats are reckoned perfect by designers and web experts for best printing services.