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Flyer Printing Details

Promote your organization with a small and mass oriented approach of flyer business marketing. Flyer marketing campaigns are often repeated, so having a product that you can stock for some time (if need be) is essential. Print Office custom printing services offer quality flyer printing ink and materials that allow durability and good longterm value. Don't keep your flyer print campaigns waiting any longer, print your quality custom online flyers now! Compare us to the competition and save!

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4/4 - Color Both Sides

Print Office color business cards are blended with 4 main colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow. The 4/4, or 4 by 4 value refers to the placement of these four colors on both the front and the back. On average, this color combo option is selected most with color business card prints.

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4/0 - Color Front, No Back

Print Office color business cards are blended with 4 main colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow. The 4/0, or 4 by 0 value refers to the placement of these four colors on the front, and no color (totally blank) on the backside of the card.


Gloss Aqueous Coating

Coating in Gloss Aqueous creates a slight medium gloss finish to your brochure print. Some of the advantages of Gloss Aqueous finishing is how it allows for smudge resistance from human touch, and even better, how the material color doesn’t dull with age, but stats vibrant, allowing stored brochures to be reused over time with confidence. Good durability also ensures confidence as you print goes through the mail. If planning to use this print for bulk mailing with the desire to print addressing on this coating, please contact us.

100lb Gloss Book

What good is the print if it’s not on quality material? Print Office’s full-bodied paper makes for better folding ability. We coat our paper with a gloss finish that helps create a better durable life and reflective properties. This 100lb gloss book Print Office paper is best known for brochures, catalogs, flyers, and postcards prints.

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100lb Gloss Cover

Take your paper quality to the highest notch! The 100lb gloss cover packs a strong punch, and is considered a heavyweight paper stock compared to others. Gloss cover paper is the most durable available, yet still easy to fold and take form, plus as it’s name indicates, gloss cover also offers a glossy finish that creates the most vibrant color printing, coupled with excellent material lifetime. This stock is most well known for door hangers, brochures, calendar covers, and similar prints etc.

Online Flyers at Print Office

Business advertising and marketing is most effective with a compounding sequence; repetitive brand presence and call to action will serve your business best. Business flyer printing is a great method for achieving this compounding effect over time. Print Office wants to earn your flyer printing business. We accept orders for business flyer printing needs from a quantity of 250 to 100,000 flyers. Color printing on 6 choices of quality paper, with a couple choices of quality finish (like gloss aqueous coating), and size options that range from 3.5" x 8.5" to as big as 11" x 25.5". Get your flyer printing in order, ASAP with

For questions or suggestions, please contact our customer support at 844-21-Print, or email us at

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